How to Take Pictures of Wild Animals

The first and most important thing to consider is RESEARCH. Do it. IT will be the most beneficial thing you can do. You need to understand the animal you are shooting. If you are shooting a fast animal you need to be ready to follow the animal as it moves and set your camera accordingly. If you are shooting an animal that might not be very active, you know you will be able to get the best crisp shot possible.Once you have done your research and you are in the field ready to shoot, it is best to find a stationary object; such as a tree or rock, that is in the general vicinity of the area in which the animal is expected. Doing this allows you to adjust your camera for the lighting and ensures the best shot possible.When shooting it may take a while for an animal to come to the area expected. To ensure you are ready for the shot when the animal is there, make sure you use a tripod or monopod. Using a support device will help your arms to not become tired and shaky resulting in either a missed shot or an unusable picture.Once everything is ready……Be Patient. Animals can be very hard to shoot in the wild and when they come around you want to be ready. Just remember that they are on their schedule. Not yours.When the animal appears start snapping. Do not take the time to look at each picture on the lcd monitor. This could be your only chance to see the animal and to waste it would result in a failed day. BE patient and BE ready!Keep in mind that you may not see an animal every time you go out. Do not get discouraged. Set a goal and stick to it.Leave the area just as you left it. Do not leave any trash or anything behind. It is the animals home and it is rude leave it a mess.Do not take food with you into the field.These are wild animals. Please be cautious as they can be unfriendly. You’re going into their territory and invading their homes.